How to Update BGMI Without Play Store


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If you want to know how to install the latest updates of Pubg Mobile Global in your mobile without the Play Store, then read this blog carefully.

BGMI is one of the foremost famous battle royale games for Android and iOS, with a million-plus active player base. during a classic match of half-hour, players will drop onto a mysterious island, where they go to seem to survive till the highest. 

The last one standing on the battleground will get the 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner', the exclusive tagline for winners of a match.

BGmi also Coming out with lots of regular Updates and Bgmi recently launched Bgmi 2.2 New Update.

How to Update BGMI 2.2.0 Without Play Store:

First of all, let me tell you that if you take any app or game from outside Sites, then there is a risk of Viruses and Malware in it, so before doing all this, you should put an Antivirus protection in your mobile.

You can update BGMI 2.2.0 Apk without the Play Store from the below given sites.

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You can update PUBG MOBILE without the Play Store from APKCombo is that the largest APK store with 8 million Android games and apps. APKCombo was founded by Harry Phi and Johnny Nguyen in May 2018. We love Android and Technology!

 you'll check APKs are safe and virus-free before installation with VirusTotal Analyzer (MD5/SHA1/SHA256, Developer Certificate, Android Permissions, Android Activities, Android Services).


You can update PUBG MOBILE without the Play Store from ApkSum More Information About This Site are not Available.


You can also update PUBG MOBILE without the Play Store from ApkAward that is a Third-party App Store Site if you like to Update Pubg Mobile So Visit.


And Also You Download update bgmi on Website,and Many Websites in Google you Need to Search How to Update BGMI it You See🧐 many Search Results.


As I told you above, if you do any app from any third party app providers website, then your mobile and data kept in it can be a threat, so believe me if you are from the Play Store itself and Games Download Do the rest, as per your wish, my job is to inform you and tell its good and evil.

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