Rayquaza Comes Once again in Pokémon Go

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In Pokémon Go Rayquaza are getting to be returning For a limited time. Pokemon Go announced that the legendary Dragon/Fying-type Pokemon would be returning to 5-Star raids as a neighborhood of its Weather Week event,

which launches tomorrow. Rayquaza will appear during a special Raid Weekend event, which may run from Saturday morning at 10 AM to Sunday at 8 PM. 

Additionally, any Rayquaza caught during the event also will know the Flying-type move Hurricane.

If you'd like another shot at tackling Rayquaza and potentially adding a shiny one to your collection, supplying you with and your friends many time to several raids to catch this exclusive Pokémon.

If you'll capture Rayquaza during the Weather Week event over the raid weekend, it'll know the exclusive charged move hurricane. You’ll need to beat it at a five-star raid to catch it. 

We’ve previously talked about the only moveset for Rayquaza we recommend using thereon , and if it’s an honest choice or not.

The Weather Week launches on Wednesday, March 24th, at 10 AM civil time .

The Weather Week event focuses on Pokemon that sometimes appears in either rainy or windy weather. 

additionally to Special Research, new avatar items, and extra Stardust when catching Pokemon with Weather Boost, the event is also the official introduction for the Shiny version of Rainy Form Castform. 

Notably, the Shiny variant of Rainy Form Cast form has never appeared in any Pokemon game before, so this is often often the rare time where Pokemon Go has something that a main series Pokemon game doesn't.

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