NASA Comet Neowise See in India That is a once in a lifetime opportunity



Comet Neowise, or C / 20202 F3, has been visible to the eye for people in India since Bastille Day. Here is when you are in India, when will you see and what is Neowise Comet, date, time and position

Stargazers in India are going to be ready to witness the C/2020 F3 comet, or NEOWISE, July 14 onward. The comet are going to be visible to the naked for around 20 minutes and People in India will be able to see Neowise in the northwest sky for the next 20 days. 

It will be visible in the north-western sky as early as next week, Odisha planetarium's deputy director said and it's expected to return closest to Earth on July 22-23. 

On the day, the comet, which takes 6,800 years to finish one lap around its orbit, are going to be at a distance of 64 million miles of 103 million kilometers while crossing Earth's outside orbit.

Twitter user Jeremy Perez shared the image shot from close to the Wupatki National Monument showcasing the bright celestial body.

amateur photographers began sharing stunning images of the comet just above the horizon during predawn hours.

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Image Source : NASA Two views of Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE).

Through about the center of the month, the comet is visible around 10 degrees above the northeastern horizon (the width of your outstretched fist) within the hour before dawn. 

From mid-July on, it is best viewed as a night object, rising increasingly higher above the northwestern horizon. (Note that observers at lower latitudes will see the comet lower within the sky, while it'll appear higher for observers farther north.)


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