GTA 6 Location & Gameplay Detail Possibly Revealed By New Leaks

It's looking more and more like an announcement on Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming soon, and the location may look quite familiar to fans of GTA: Vice City, if the plethora of recent rumors and unconfirmed leaks are to be believed. It's been nearly seven years since the last Grand Theft Auto game, GTAV, was released, and in that time developer Rockstar Games has continued to enhance and support the franchise through updates to the game's persistent online multiplayer world, GTA Online. The success of GTA Online is almost unparalleled in entertainment, and it has caused Grand Theft Auto V to be named the most profitable piece of media of all time.

Although fans of Rockstar's open world games were able to satiate their desire for more of the developer's unique brand of satire and gameplay with Red Dead Redemption 2 (and it's own subsequent multiplayer mode, Red Dead Online) many are still looking forward to the next main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. Recent changes to the Rockstar Games website, as well as a number of unconfirmed rumors and cryptic messages, have left fans hungry for more information on a possible GTA6 announcement, and the most recent rumors, presented below, will surely only add more fuel to those arguments.

Thanks to some research by Dexerto, players now know that the GTAForums user u/gonnaenodaethat has been releasing a series of mysterious statements in both public forum threads and private user messages for a while now. The main topic of u/gonnaenodaethat's posts seems to be that Grand Theft Auto VI will take place in a remastered version of Vice City, something which many fans have expected after Grand Theft Auto IV offered a new look at Liberty City and GTAV did the same thing to San Andreas.

Information on u/gonnaenodaethat was posted to the GTA6 subreddit by Reddit user u/bozidarilic, who claims that this same user was responsible for posting very similar "cryptic messages" in the Red Dead Redemption 2 section of GTAForums three weeks before RDR2 was announced for PC. According to Dexerto, some of this speculation also includes "references to possible drug dealing in-game." Given that a large portion of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's gameplay was centered around stealing, protecting, and selling cocaine, this would be a likely addition and could make for a fun gameplay mechanic, if true. Interestingly, as Reddit's u/bozidarilic points out, these posts have not been deleted by GTAForums moderators, who are usually pretty strict about such things.
Whether or not this is just someone who once got lucky with a Red Dead Redemption 2 prediction and is trying to mess with fans remains to be seen, but it's unlikely anyone with insider information would choose to leak it out in such a ridiculous manner. The fact that u/gonnaenodaethat was right in the past does give this new information a little bit of credibility, but it's all just unconfirmed guesswork until Rockstar decides to deliver an official Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer... which, if the rumors are believed, could be any day now.

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